Be Who You Are. God loves you :)

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I miss hanging out with them and esp. the other group of “them” lol. I miss my dudes!! when can we meet and hang out again? :( #TheMissingDay lol

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im gonna miss this cutie. someone’s adopting u & they’re going to get u tmrw. be good baby girl. #kimmi #kangaji #babypuppy

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I miss eating bread with them. and I would really love it if I could eat bread with @aileeonline I think u love garlic bread? lol I love you Ailee!!

#kpop #SoloArtist #Ailee #internationalfan!

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it was an awesome afternoon sky.
im kinda missing school bc I miss my school friends. I think I dont have other friends aside from them and a few from the internet. I miss being friends with my old friends esp. my childhood friends. we were awesome together. but im gonna try to have friendships like before (my childhood).
in conclusion: “it” was an awesome afternoon just like my childhood friends

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which one’s your favorite #album of @aileeonline?
#Ailee #MiniAlbum
#ILoveHerSoMuch!! #NewObsession

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A feminist just changed your crappy joke into a much better one.


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#RunAndRow2014 I love the shirt

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I joined the #RunAndRow2014! we were late for the ‘run’ but at least we got to ride the #dragonboat! #oneoftheexperiencesever! I was hesitating at first but when we were in the boat it felt so cool! we wanted to go for another round lol

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When am I getting mine?
When am I going to meet my first?

#Zanessa #ZacEfron #VanessaHudgens #StellaHudgens #CodySimpson

P.s. im not sure if stella & cody dated tho

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Which do you prefer?

Biker vs. Vintage

#Vaustin #AustinButler #VanessaHudgens

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I love theur #classy style #classic #Vaustin #VanessaHudgens #AustinButler

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